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Product Name WYPALL* X80 Jumbo Roll Wipers 
Colour : White 
Dimensions: 31cm x 34.5cm 
Quantity/Pack: 540 sheets 
Unit/Case: 1 roll 
Order Number: 94173 
Other Features : Perforated roll, HYDROKNIT* material 


WYPALL* X80 Wipers are extra strong, absorbent and bulky - ideal for heavy duty wiping tasks. They are compact and can be re-used for cost-effective wiping. WYPALL* X80 Wipers can halve your waste disposal costs and help to reduce freight and storage costs versus the equivalent amount of waste rag.


The jumbo roll can be mounted to a wall to save space, or it can be put onto a mobile trolley dispenser so the wiper can be easily and safely moved to where it's needed.



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